Presentation of the book “Facial Yoga Plan. Belleza Natural”

Presentation of the book “Facial Yoga Plan. Belleza Natural”

I had the pleasure of presenting my book  “Facial Yoga Plan. Belleza Natural”, last 29 November at Librería Lé, located on the Paseo de la Castellana de Madrid.  Moreover, we shared a facial yoga session with the participants during the event.

In the book I explain the basic principles of facial yoga, and I propose a 20 days plan to to improve the appearance of the facial skin. The reader will discover all the benefits of facial yoga, among them I can emphasize to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and to keep the face looking youthful and healthy.

I will like to thank to the attendes, and specially to Cristina Aranda, CMO at Intelygenz & Cofounder-Director of  MujeresTech, who introduced the event.

I have fulfilled one of my dreams with the publications of the book, that is share my  knowledge and to teach the method to take care of the face and to improve the health in a natural way.